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Ginataang Langka

Unriped Jackfruit in Coconut Milk Stew

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Sweet Prices at the Sweet Pea

It is quite ironic to see such low prices being offered for an expensive restaurant like Sweet Pea. And mind you, the “budget meals” are not being provided in minute servings. They are ample and served in the traditional sweet pea way – with a sprinkle of parsley, a dash of love straight from a chef’s kitchen.

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JT’s (Joel Torre’s) Manukan

Actor Joel Torre brought a taste of his Visayan hometown of Bacolod to the Metro through his latest endeavor in the food business called JT’s Manukan. The place has more than its obvious reference to chicken but also offers a few rare Bacolod and Ilonggo offerings. I will let the pictures below speak their rather enticing language.

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SEx tyo! (Sinangag Express)

If one day, one of your officemates calls out to the entire team “SEx tayo,” do not default into thinking that this is an invitation to get dirty in bed. Somehow, the phrase has become a catchy invite to eat at Sinangag Express....

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K Sarap! Food na Masarap

K Sarap proves to be a restaurant worth visiting after an 8-hour drive from Manila. The food’s affordability is noteworthy and the taste is as authetic as most Filipino restaurant food can get.

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Pahiyas Festival 2012 (Part 2): The LK Resto and the Party Outside

I could no longer count the number of times I visited Lucban but I make it a point to visit Chef Janjie’s LK Resto. They offer a wide variety of Asian cuisine.

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Pahiyas Festival 2012 (Part 1): Roaming the Streets

Every 15th of May, the municipality of Lucban celebrates the Pahiyas Festival in honor of the patron saint of farmers, San Isidro Labrador.

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The First Malabon Kulinarya Festival

The City of Malabon launched a month-long celebration to commemorate its 413th Foundation Day. In connection with their founding anniversary, the Malabon Tourism Council launched the first Malabon Kulinarya Festival yesterday at the ...

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Nagsasa's Secrets

The municipality of San Antonio, Zambales is home to several beautiful coves. The most famous of them all is Anawangin Cove as people who have visited all deemed it the most beautiful and the easiest to reach. The coves of San Antonio are devoid of electricity and urban development due to their geographical location: all of them are bounded by great mountain ranges in the east and by the South China Sea in the west.

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Street Food @ The Venice Piazza Night Market

(Taguig City, Philippines) – Since the growth of outsourced jobs in the country that brought night shifts to normalcy in the Philippines, most establishments have started to embrace the 24-hour operating hours: convenience cialis without prescription stores, fast food chains Read more

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