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Mediterranean Flavors at Andie’s

(Chicago) – Lamb is my most favorite meat of all time. No questions asked. So any cuisine that incorporates my “lamby” baby in its repertoire is an easy favorite...

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Spare Ribs Caldereta

(Chicago) - I have a full slab of pork ribs in my freezer for quite some time and I don’t know what to do with it. The previous slabs became 2 different barbecue

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Inihaw na Spare Ribs

(Chicago) - Just when I thought that summer has fully arrived 2 weeks ago and I could start using my outdoor grill, the chilly winds came back last week and ...

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Fiesta Macaroni Salad

(Chicago) - Hands down, Filipino macaroni salad is my most favorite of all Pinoy dishes. I so earnestly wait year after year for the town fiesta, my birthday...

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Hainanese Chicken

(Chicago) - Chicken rice is one of the reasons why I love Singapore. I clearly remember a particular week, when I was still based in Singapore many years ago...

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Las Tablas

(Chicago) – It’s not difficult for a Pinoy to love Columbian food. Both Filipino and Columbian cuisines are rooted from Spain. They have empanada, corn, cassava...

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The Classic Pochero

(Chicago) – I am familiar with the dish “pochero” (or “puchero”) ever since I was a kid but I never really understood and appreciated the dish...

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Is Sunda the New Asian?

(Chicago) - New Asian is how Sunda claims its presence in Chicago dining scene and it’s aggressively and creatively revamping Asian fusion to American ...

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Pre-theater Dinner at Rhapsody

(Chicago) – I have heard mixed feedbacks from friends about Rhapsody. But I got chance to eat there for free for an event and surely, it warranted some...

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Mighty Meatyballs!

(Chicago) – Whether it’s just a fad or a long-lasting trend, food trucks here in the US are amazing. They don’t just serve ordinary food but they bring gourmet...

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