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The Fresher, The Better

(Chicago) - One of the joys of summer in Chicago is the prevalence of farmers markets in the city. A couple of weeks ago, I went to Green City Market in Lincoln Park and ...

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Red Wine Braised Pork Belly

(Chicago) - Braising does wonders on the food. Also called as pot roasting, it is simmering meat or vegetable over low heat for a long period of time. And the outcome ...

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Seafood Egg Drop Soup

(Chicago) - There are days that I feel so bloated and I don’t feel like eating full or heavy meal. To a Pinoy, that means a meal with “ulam” (dish) and rice, and most ...

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Mediterranean Flavors at Andie’s

(Chicago) – Lamb is my most favorite meat of all time. No questions asked. So any cuisine that incorporates my “lamby” baby in its repertoire is an easy favorite...

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Spare Ribs Caldereta

(Chicago) - I have a full slab of pork ribs in my freezer for quite some time and I don’t know what to do with it. The previous slabs became 2 different barbecue

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Green City Market

(Chicago) - It’s all vibrant and pleasant at Green City Market. Waking up early morning on a Wednesday, driving a few minutes to Lincoln Park and leisurely walking...

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Inihaw na Spare Ribs

(Chicago) - Just when I thought that summer has fully arrived 2 weeks ago and I could start using my outdoor grill, the chilly winds came back last week and ...

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King Crab Tavern

(Chicago) – I don’t know why I’m getting addicted to seafood recently. Perhaps, it’s because of the season. It’s summer time here. And maybe, I’m subconsciously...

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Fiesta Macaroni Salad

(Chicago) - Hands down, Filipino macaroni salad is my most favorite of all Pinoy dishes. I so earnestly wait year after year for the town fiesta, my birthday...

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Freshest Seafood at Glenn’s Diner

I grew up eating seafood in the Philippines and it’s dear to my heart (and stomach). A short drive to Dampa (a complex of small restaurants..

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