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Just curious… Xtremely Espresso

(Singapore) –  Nothing much to say, but just wanted to check with the readers, by any chance, have you encountered an enormously sized pizza ever? My husband and I did. Size is approximately my diameter + my husband’s haha!

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Beyond Kimchi (San Soo Gab San)

(Chicago) – My exposure to anything-Korean was not vast until recently. I had tutored a lot of Korean exchange students back in college but that’s about it. I never had a motivation to explore the culture, especially the food.  Perhaps, […]

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Sinigang con Limón

(Chicago) –  Every now and then, I crave for Filipino food.  The first thing that usually comes to my mind is sinigang especially when it gets really cold here in Chicago. Sinigang is Philippines version of sour soup. Tamarind is the […]

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Arigatou Gozaimasu for Pasta De Waraku

(Singapore) – Teriyakidon, Katsudon, Oyakudon, California Maki, Sushi – these delectable delights come into mind when you crave for Japanese cuisine.  Never have we thought that there’s such a thing as a Japanese Casual Pasta & Café Restaurant where they […]

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