Kung mapadpad ka sa San Francisco, hindi mo ma-mi-miss ang Pilipinas.  Sankatutak ang mga Pinoy.  As in, everywhere, sa malls, parking, 7-11, airport, banyo, sa freeway, sa tulay, sa gubat, lol.  At kung maraming Pinoy, marami ring kainan at tindahan.

My San Francisco friends brought me to Patio Filipino during my last visit there. The food is outstanding, according to my standard at least. Actually, my standard is pretty simple – if a dish can make me eat more than 2 cups of rice, then pasok sa bangaGanun lang.

Cheat sheet when eating here:

  • A plate of dish here  is meant to be shared, unless you want to join Biggest Losers soon.
  • A bit far from downtown San Francisco so you need a car. I think you can take BART but still a long and winding walk from the station to the resto
  • This is a typical Filipino restaurant where the exhaust is not sufficient so you will surely smell like food.  Bring extra shirt if you plan to hit the clubs after eating here. Or umuwi ka muna at maligo.
  • Price is reasonable, especially when you share the food.
  • Chicharon bulaklak, a little salty, but that’s why it goes well with a cold beer, no?
  • Binagoongan, love!  But the burping afterwards, hate! But you should definitely try this.
  • End with a dessert- first, to get rid of the oily and garlic-y aftertaste, and second, their desserts are just damn good. Ube ice cream, hello?
  • Don’t rush, eat slowly, savor the garlic and smell the steam from the sisig, maski minamadali ka na ng mga waiter.  You’re a paying customer so take your time. Manigas sila, kakahintay.

Oh well, tatakawakin ko lang kayo.  Look at these gorgeous and hearty plates!