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Pinoy Chicken Curry

If I will think of one Filipino dish that can't be eaten without a lot of rice, I think it is Chicken Curry. The coconut-curry sauce is just perfect for white steamy rice. Though not originally Pinoy ...

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Pritong Chicken Adobo

It could be interesting to know how many versions of Filipino adobo exist currently. There are only a few ingredients used in adobo but there are countless twists and turns that you can do ...

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Pinoy-Style Fried Chicken

This is no Jollibee or KFC. But in some hidden corner of my mind, I remember my grandmother putting vinegar to chicken before frying them. I asked some elderly Pinoys as well and they affirmed that this is pretty common. Vinegar ...

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Lechon Tocinong Manok

(Chicago) – I was intending to make pork tocino but I didn’t realize that I used up the huge pork butt reserves for adobo the other week. But I’m still craving for that sweet, salty and garlicky flavor of tocino. All I have in my freezer is a whole...

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Hainanese Chicken

(Chicago) - Chicken rice is one of the reasons why I love Singapore. I clearly remember a particular week, when I was still based in Singapore many years ago...

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Tinola (Chicken Ginger Stew)

(Chicago) – The soothing and refreshing taste and effect of ginger in Tinola is the reason why I love this dish. The more and stronger the ginger, I prefer...

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Simplest Roast Chicken

(Chicago) – A dish does not have to be complicated or have 40+ ingredients to be delicious. There are many dishes that are very simple and minimal in preparations but surprising good...

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Chicken Adobo

(Chicago) - Almost every Filipino household brags about their specialty adobo dish. Almost every region in the Philippines claims to hold the most authentic version of adobo. I heard at one point the government commissioned a group of veritable Filipino chefs to standardize the recipes of the most popular Filipino dishes, including adobo of course, to boost its standing against the other world cuisines. Whatever success or failure it attained, I never heard about that initiative again.

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Grilled Lemony Chicken

(Chicago) – I have a very short list of ideas for a marinade whenever my palate is asking for some meaty goodness. Most of the time I do the basic salt-and-pepper combo or the ever sweet Filipino-style mixture. I just […]

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Filipino-style Chicken BBQ

(Chicago) – Filipinos have sweet tooth.  I am not just talking about dessert. Even the dishes we eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, most Filipinos like them sweet.  From tocino to longganiza, even our version of spaghetti is sweet.  I […]

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