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Pinoy Chicken Curry

If I will think of one Filipino dish that can't be eaten without a lot of rice, I think it is Chicken Curry. The coconut-curry sauce is just perfect for white steamy rice. Though not originally Pinoy ...

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Embutido: Pinoy Meatloaf

Americans have their meatloaf and Italians have their meatball. We, Pinoys, have our very own embutido. The sweetness of the vegetables, meaty juice from the meat and a touch of creaminess from ...

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Chicken Sopas

This is a typical Filipino pasta/noodle soup that is inexpensive, highly nutritious and a complete meal in itself- it has protein, starch and vegetable all in one dish.

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Tokwa’t Baboy (Tofu/Pork Mash Up)

Tokwa means tofu while baboy means pork in Filipino. This is a simple mash up of boiled pork parts such as belly and ears and fried tofu soaked in soy-vinegar sauce.

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Pork Binagoongan

(Chicago) - This is one hell of a Filipino dish that makes me want to eat 5 cups of rice in one meal. “Binagoongan” is a shrimp paste dish with lots of meat and usually made super spicy. Some people like it with lesser meat but more ...

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Deliciousness in Unlikely Places

(Miami) –  There are moments that I get sick of the whole process of eating out in a restaurant: short listing, selecting, reading reviews, calling to reserve a table, dressing up, waiting in line, so on and so forth. The […]

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Green City Market

(Chicago) - It’s all vibrant and pleasant at Green City Market. Waking up early morning on a Wednesday, driving a few minutes to Lincoln Park and leisurely walking...

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King Crab Tavern

(Chicago) – I don’t know why I’m getting addicted to seafood recently. Perhaps, it’s because of the season. It’s summer time here. And maybe, I’m subconsciously...

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Pancit Malabon

Pancit Malabon is a native Filipino noodle dish using tubular rice noodles with shrimp-base thick sauce, just like palabok or luglog, and with generous garnishing of pork crackling and seafood such as shrimp...

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Freshest Seafood at Glenn’s Diner

I grew up eating seafood in the Philippines and it’s dear to my heart (and stomach). A short drive to Dampa (a complex of small restaurants..

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