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Paella a la Pobre

(Chicago) – Rice is the star of every Filipino meal.  Other than steamed white rice, Filipinos enjoy so many variations of rice dishes like Chinese fried rice (yang chow), garlic rice, adobo rice, tinapa rice (smoked fish), black rice (squid ink) […]

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(Chicago) –  My first taste of salpicado was in Chateau Verde in University of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman when I was still in college.  Their version of this dish was extra-ordinary.  Every cube of beef was oozing with buttery juice while […]

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Pasta Española

(Chicago) –  Pasta is my best friend whenever I host a big party.  It is easy to prepare, especially in huge quantity, and it is filling.  I am throwing a housewarming party and I want my friends to sample my […]

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It’s All about Savings! (Steak Au Poivre Home Version)

(Chicago) – Do I need to describe how bad the economy is now? It’s all over the news and it’s scaring the s**t out of everyone especially if you have a mortgage to pay. I have a few friends who […]

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