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Prawns in Curry Coconut Milk

(Chicago) - Fresh prawns are bit expensive here in the US, even in Manila actually. It’s not something that you can cook anytime you want –only reserved for special occasions. Other than the price, it’s not advisable, medically-speaking,...

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Tap – Si – Log

(Chicago) – Does it ring a bell? All Pinoys recognize this acronym. For those who are not aware, this stands for Tap-a (dried/cured beef), Si-nangag (fried rice) and it-Log (egg). Perfect breakfast; maybe lunch or dinner. Whenever you want it...

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Chicken Adobo

(Chicago) - Almost every Filipino household brags about their specialty adobo dish. Almost every region in the Philippines claims to hold the most authentic version of adobo. I heard at one point the government commissioned a group of veritable Filipino chefs to standardize the recipes of the most popular Filipino dishes, including adobo of course, to boost its standing against the other world cuisines. Whatever success or failure it attained, I never heard about that initiative again.

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(Chicago) –  Where there is something Spanish in a country, for sure they have a version of empanada. Columbia, Argentina and Mexico, to name a few, have their own distinct variant of this pastry dish. Philippines is no exception. Empanada […]

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(Chicago) –  Embutido is a Filipino meat loaf. It is meat mixture formed in a foot-long log, wrapped in foil, steamed and served in slices. Some cook it twice by pan frying the embutido slices to gain some color and […]

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Hot and Spicy Bicol Express

(Chicago) – Pork belly and coconut milk? This combination is a no-brainer –one of my all-time favorite Pinoy dishes . The spiciness and creaminess of this dish make it perfect with rice. And any dish that makes me eat humongous […]

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The Spanish in Us: Pork Afritada

(Chicago) – There’s always something Spanish in every Filipino. It is evident in the last names of most of us, in skin color of a few, in religious belief of the majority, in facial structure, in politics, in public festivities, […]

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Pinoy Menudo

(Chicago) –  One of the major (major! :)) effects of food blogging to me is that my appreciation of Filipino food has grown significantly. How many times I denounced my homeland cuisine whenever I was asked if Filipino food was […]

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Hot Hot Hot Sotanghon

(Chicago) – A fresh hot soup is a big relief from the painfully biting winter cold here in the Midwest. This dish is hearty enough as a full meal but very simple and inexpensive to make. For this reason, it […]

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Teeny Weeny Mighty Pan de sal

(Chicago) – This is probably the most popular bread in the Philippines. I can’t recall a day in my 20 years of stay in Manila that we never had pan de sal on the table for breakfast. It is inexpensive, […]

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