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Hot and Spicy Bicol Express

(Chicago) – Pork belly and coconut milk? This combination is a no-brainer –one of my all-time favorite Pinoy dishes . The spiciness and creaminess of this dish make it perfect with rice. And any dish that makes me eat humongous […]

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The Spanish in Us: Pork Afritada

(Chicago) – There’s always something Spanish in every Filipino. It is evident in the last names of most of us, in skin color of a few, in religious belief of the majority, in facial structure, in politics, in public festivities, […]

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Pinoy Menudo

(Chicago) –  One of the major (major! :)) effects of food blogging to me is that my appreciation of Filipino food has grown significantly. How many times I denounced my homeland cuisine whenever I was asked if Filipino food was […]

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Hot Hot Hot Sotanghon

(Chicago) – A fresh hot soup is a big relief from the painfully biting winter cold here in the Midwest. This dish is hearty enough as a full meal but very simple and inexpensive to make. For this reason, it […]

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Teeny Weeny Mighty Pan de sal

(Chicago) – This is probably the most popular bread in the Philippines. I can’t recall a day in my 20 years of stay in Manila that we never had pan de sal on the table for breakfast. It is inexpensive, […]

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Tocino, Less the Cancer

(Chicago) –  We, Pinoys, love our tocino.  I am personally addicted to this especially if it comes with a mound of fried rice and over-easy eggs. For the uninitiated, tocino is a highly sweet cured meat, either pork or chicken, […]

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Bread Pudding with Cognac Sauce

(Chicago) – I still remember my Lola (“grandmother”) gathering the stale pan de sal from the previous days’ breakfast. She brought out the llaneras (oval metal baking pans) to be used as mold for her impromptu bread pudding. I never […]

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Win $100 for your Christmas Noche Buena

Congratulations to Irmadaldal from San Juan, Philippines! Here’s how the winner is drawn:   All valid comments are numbered in chronological order.  Those comments from the admin and from users that are just inquiring are deemed invalid and excluded. Then, a […]

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Inugatang Manok (Chicken-Root Veggies Stew)

(Chicago) – This is a simple, hearty chicken stew and perfect with hot white rice. Ingredients: 2 tablespoon olive oil 12 chicken thighs 1 large onion, chopped 1 cup dry white wine ¼ cup fresh marjoram or 2 tablespoons dried […]

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Staying in for Sunday Brunch: Omelet

(Chicago) – It’s Sunday. My usual routine is to  look at my secret black book of restaurants upon waking up, select a brunch place from the list, get ready and head out. For a change, I’d stay-in and make my […]

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