(Chicago) – Fresh prawns are bit expensive here in the US, even in Manila actually. It’s not something that you can cook anytime you want –only reserved for special occasions. Other than the price, it’s not advisable, medically-speaking, to indulge in too much prawn or shrimp because of cholesterol, specifically that luscious juice in the head part. Why are the best things always the bad ones for our health? Oh well, eating in moderation should be fine.

I got lucky.  My friend’s family visited recently from the Philippines and brought 2 big boxes full of prawns and stuffed “bangus” (milk fish). As in a lot –many, many pounds straight from their fish farm in Samar. I was in heaven.

The simplest way we cook prawns is just to braise it in water or lemon soda for a few minutes until it gains orange color. Then a dipping sauce of soy sauce with lemon and hot chili would be a perfect condiment. At some point, this got boring and I needed to make something different with these colossal shrimp.

So I looked into my pantry and fridge and pulled whatever makes sense to combine with the prawns. No recipe. I just dumped whatever was readily available and cooked them all together in the pan to bring out its flavor.

I pulled out 1 pound of prawns, coconut milk, garlic, ginger, carrots, green onions and curry powder. Sautéd garlic and ginger in hot oil; added coconut milk, carrots and curry; reduced for about 10 minutes; added the prawns and cooked until it changed its color; seasoned with salt and pepper, Garnish with green onions.