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Tocino, Less the Cancer

(Chicago) –  We, Pinoys, love our tocino.  I am personally addicted to this especially if it comes with a mound of fried rice and over-easy eggs. For the uninitiated, tocino is a highly sweet cured meat, either pork or chicken, […]

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Bread Pudding with Cognac Sauce

(Chicago) – I still remember my Lola (“grandmother”) gathering the stale pan de sal from the previous days’ breakfast. She brought out the llaneras (oval metal baking pans) to be used as mold for her impromptu bread pudding. I never […]

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Win $100 for your Christmas Noche Buena

Congratulations to Irmadaldal from San Juan, Philippines! Here’s how the winner is drawn:   All valid comments are numbered in chronological order.  Those comments from the admin and from users that are just inquiring are deemed invalid and excluded. Then, a […]

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July 4 = BBQ

(Chicago) – I should feel guilty.  I am more excited for July 4 American independence day than the June 12 Philippine Independence. While my nationalistic hunger for anything-Filipino still remains intact, I can deduce that the only reason for this […]

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Nothing New with New Tokyo Sushi

This sushi joint in Lakeview area, Chicago is overpriced for an ordinary-tasting Japanese food and the serving portions are too small. The ambiance is unremarkable and their wine glasses are like cleaned up Nescafe containers. Although it is a BYOB […]

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Quarter Kitchen, Half the Taste

(San Diego) –  This is the resident restaurant of Andaz hotel where I stayed during my recent visit to San Diego.  With a 50% discount, courtesy of my friend who works at Hyatt, and the proximity to my room, it […]

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Café Intermezzo

(Atlanta) – This place was my second home in Atlanta when I was still living there a few years ago. I have been numerous times to this café for afternoon coffee, Sunday tea, brunch, lunch, dinner, pre-party cocktails, late night […]

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Staying in for Sunday Brunch: Omelet

(Chicago) – It’s Sunday. My usual routine is to  look at my secret black book of restaurants upon waking up, select a brunch place from the list, get ready and head out. For a change, I’d stay-in and make my […]

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Grilled Lemony Chicken

(Chicago) – I have a very short list of ideas for a marinade whenever my palate is asking for some meaty goodness. Most of the time I do the basic salt-and-pepper combo or the ever sweet Filipino-style mixture. I just […]

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Burger Steak, Almost Like Jollibee

(Chicago) – One of my favorites in Jollibee is their burger steak. The mushroom gravy is just soooo good with rice. Since there is no Jollibee in Chicago, I’m stuck to making my own version. This is an easy, quick […]

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