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Chicken Sopas

This is a typical Filipino pasta/noodle soup that is inexpensive, highly nutritious and a complete meal in itself- it has protein, starch and vegetable all in one dish.

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Fiesta Macaroni Salad

(Chicago) - Hands down, Filipino macaroni salad is my most favorite of all Pinoy dishes. I so earnestly wait year after year for the town fiesta, my birthday...

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Filipino-style Spaghetti

(Chicago) – When I was still living in Manila, I can’t recall a single birthday celebration, Christmas, baptisms, housewarming or any party  that did not have spaghetti on the table. Like in most Filipino households, spaghetti is always a part […]

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Re-inventing Laing

(Chicago) – Many years ago, I participated in a mission trip, organized by my church in Manila, to a province in the Bicol region which is eastern part of the Philippines. I was so young then that I couldn’t remember the details […]

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Pasta Española

(Chicago) –  Pasta is my best friend whenever I host a big party.  It is easy to prepare, especially in huge quantity, and it is filling.  I am throwing a housewarming party and I want my friends to sample my […]

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