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Ube Pandesal

What's for breakfast? Warm ube (purple yam) pandesal with peanut butter.

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Baking time: Madeira Cake

(Chicago) – This traditional English sponge cake reminds me so much of mamon that I used to bring to school for my afternoon snack, although, this is much denser...

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Brazo de Mercedes

(Chicago) - Pinoys have sweet tooth. Brazo de Mercedes is one of the most beloved Filipino desserts, popularized by huge and ubiquitous bakeshops in the Philippines such as Goldilocks and Red Ribbon.

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(Chicago) –  Where there is something Spanish in a country, for sure they have a version of empanada. Columbia, Argentina and Mexico, to name a few, have their own distinct variant of this pastry dish. Philippines is no exception. Empanada […]

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Teeny Weeny Mighty Pan de sal

(Chicago) – This is probably the most popular bread in the Philippines. I can’t recall a day in my 20 years of stay in Manila that we never had pan de sal on the table for breakfast. It is inexpensive, […]

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