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Pancit Canton

There are only 3 Filipino noodles dishes that are being rotated every time there is a special occasion in my family back home in Manila; it’s either Filipino-style sweet spaghetti, pancit bihon or pancit...

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The True Pinoy Noodle

(Chicago) – Pancit Luglug is probably my most favorite of all Filipino noodle dishes. Unlike most of the kids from my younger days who would request Filipino-style sweet spaghetti for their birthday parties...

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Hot Hot Hot Sotanghon

(Chicago) – A fresh hot soup is a big relief from the painfully biting winter cold here in the Midwest. This dish is hearty enough as a full meal but very simple and inexpensive to make. For this reason, it […]

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Lugaw. Arroz Caldo. Congee. Porridge.

(Chicago) – Lugaw is my all-time favorite Filipino comfort food. It is a simple and easy way to retreat back home. I make this numerous times especially when the weather is depressing cold during winter.  I usually cook lugaw in big […]

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Sushi House of Jeremy

(Chicago) – A few weeks ago, my friend Jeremy threw a fabulous housewarming party to showcase his newly renovated abode in Chicago.  I had seen his place even before the renovation started and I can say that the transformation was […]

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Paella a la Pobre

(Chicago) – Rice is the star of every Filipino meal.  Other than steamed white rice, Filipinos enjoy so many variations of rice dishes like Chinese fried rice (yang chow), garlic rice, adobo rice, tinapa rice (smoked fish), black rice (squid ink) […]

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