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Fried Fish Twist: Sarciado

Fish sarciado is a typical Filipino dish which is directly translated as fish with sauce. The fish is usually fried first and then simmered in sauce that is made of fresh tomatoes and eggs. However, I do mine ...

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Veggie Galore: Chopsuey

(Chicago) – I eat vegetables but it's not usually my preference especially if there's a meat dish on the table. My doctor even reprimanded me for doing high protein diet ...

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Seafood Egg Drop Soup

(Chicago) - There are days that I feel so bloated and I don’t feel like eating full or heavy meal. To a Pinoy, that means a meal with “ulam” (dish) and rice, and most ...

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Prawns in Curry Coconut Milk

(Chicago) - Fresh prawns are bit expensive here in the US, even in Manila actually. It’s not something that you can cook anytime you want –only reserved for special occasions. Other than the price, it’s not advisable, medically-speaking,...

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