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  • Qwekqwek is the food persona of Mark de Leyos who is an intense IT consultant by profession and an ardent food enthusiast outside the corporate world. Propelled by his constant hunger, he is always sniffing and tasting food from place to place; and at times, creating dishes in his own kitchen.

Patio Filipino

Patio Filipino serves great tasting and authentic Filipino cuisine in south of San Francisco area.

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7107 Flavours

If you're wondering, 7107 is the total number of island in the Philippine archipelago on high tide - well it increases slightly on low tide. This Filipino restaurant showcases the best of Philippine cuisine.

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Barrio Fiesta

Authentic Filipino cuisine situated in Trade Center Road, Dubai

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A charming and yet cozy place located inside the Asiana Hotel for those craving for Filipino food in Dubai.

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Cabalen (Megamall)

The best in Kapampangan cuisine + buffet is Cabalen.

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The Red Crab (Venice Piazza)

Name all the ways that you can cook crab filipino-style and they probably have it. They also have the best crab food companions imaginable. If you are crazy about crustaceans and Filipino food, this is the place to be.

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Grill 21

It is impossible to eat in this place without plateful of rice. The dishes are rich, delicious and truly Pinoy na Pinoy. We’re so glad to see (and taste) Filipino cuisine flourishing inside Manhattan. Also, this place is very accessible to tourists thru train or bus.

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Chino Latino

This is not really a Filipino restaurant, more on Asian fusion. However, they have Pinoy Paella and chicken adobo in Argentine Rodizio-style –both really good. Not a bad representation of our cuisine in this ultra-busy and sleek restaurant-bar in Minneapolis.

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Their lechon kawali lives up to their name- it's as crunchy as it ever gets. For those really craving for “lutong-bahay” Filipino food, a short drive to this hole-in-the- wall "turo-turo" eatery from Fort Lauderdale airport is worth it.

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For those wondering, Bonifacio, who valiantly fought the Spanish colonizers in the late 18 century,  is one of the most famous and celebrated heroes in the Philippines.  Well, he is now the name of a new restaurant showcasing Filipino cuisine […]

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