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  • Qwekqwek is the food persona of Mark de Leyos who is an intense IT consultant by profession and an ardent food enthusiast outside the corporate world. Propelled by his constant hunger, he is always sniffing and tasting food from place to place; and at times, creating dishes in his own kitchen.

Aling Mary’s

You could smell the fresh pan de sal from a couple of blocks away from the store. Other than the popular Filipino baked goods, they also serve home-cooked Filipino dishes such as adobo, laing, ginataang langka, palabok, dinuguan and many more. This place is worth checking out if you're craving for Filipino food here in Vancouver.

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Bay Leaf Cafe in Boracay

This eclectic and yet charming restaurant along the Main Road in Boracay (in front of Crowne Prince Regency) is a must try. It’s small and yet their food offering is gigantic in flavor. Relax with some aromatic coffee blends...

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Isla Pilipina

This is one of our favorites in Chicago. It is “lutong-bahay” style which means nothing fancy or "gourmet-ish" transformation of the dishes. But they serve everything neat. It's a cozy little sanctuary for those craving for Filipino food.

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Barrio Fiesta (Glendale)

Fiesta means celebration and Barrio Fiesta which was uprooted from Manila is a huge party of Filipino dishes. You will never run out of options to try with their long list of popular Pinoy favorites. My personal faves are sisig, crispy para and laing.

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Bacolod Chicken Haus

Maskara ambiance, chicken inasal and batchoy. You're in for a Bacolod treat.

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Abe (Trinoma)

Kapampangan cuisine is one of my top regional food in the Philippines.  They just know how to cook good food.  All of my friends from Pampanga cook very well (or at least their mom or dad).  So I went o […]

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