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  • Qwekqwek is the food persona of Mark de Leyos who is an intense IT consultant by profession and an ardent food enthusiast outside the corporate world. Propelled by his constant hunger, he is always sniffing and tasting food from place to place; and at times, creating dishes in his own kitchen.

Filipino Fiesta

Head to Filipino Fiesta if you're craving for crispy pata and sinigang na baboy which are their specialties.

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A very modern and sleek Asian fusion restaurant in downtown Chicago. Pinoys in Chicago are so proud that our cuisine is well represented in this award-winning new restaurant. To name a few, they serve some well-plated versions of adobo, crispy pata, lumpia and pancit.

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Aling Conching proves that Kapampangan's still rules when it comes to Filipino culinary expertise. I'm not from that region so I could say this statement is not biased. :) This place is turo-turo at its finest. Great tasting authentic Filipino food in San Diego.

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Green Banana Leaf (Chino Hills)

This place is impressive! Good, tasty and very presentable Filipino food. The crispy pata kare-kare is the best.

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Max’s (Megamall)

The family's favorite restaurant still is a staple of birthday celebrations and christenings. Friend chicken is still their best offering but they now have a myriad of Filipino cuisine to go with it. One dish better than the last. It's truly the house that fried chicken built.

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Kuse (Venice Piazza)

Kuse packages Filipino food in well-presented plates and reasonable prices. If you wanna pay for authentic Filipino food that matches the looks, it is your drug of choice.

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Sweet Pea

Sweet pea offers cuisine straight from a chef's kitchen.

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K Sarap

Oddly, it does not serve much of the Bicolano signature dishes like laing or Bicol express. But you can get those at right about any corner you go to in Bicol so I guess this is where K Sarap stands tall.

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JT’s Manukan (McKinley Hill)

Actor Joel Torre brought a taste of his Visayan hometown of Bacolod to the Metro through his latest endeavor in the food business called JT’s Manukan. The place has more than its obvious reference to chicken but also offers a few rare Bacolod and Ilonggo offerings.

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The interior looks like a typical neat Japanese restaurant. But oh boy, they serve some great tasting popular Pinoy fares like crispy pata, sisig, palabok and many more. Don't forget to get some kick from Red Horse. Love this place!

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