(Chicago) – I don’t know why I’m getting addicted to seafood recently. Perhaps, it’s because of the season. It’s summer time here. And maybe, I’m subconsciously missing Manila where seafood is something very accessible whenever you wanted it and however you wanted it done. Sigh. But Chicago is not totally devoid of good seafood.

With a $25 coupon and a craving so intense to be suppressed by fillet-o-fish, I headed to a nearby crab house called King Crab. This place does not top my list of seafood restaurants in Chicago after googling and browsing so many reviews online. The reviews are not completely bad but mix. However, the coupon would lessen the disappointment if the bad reviews happen to be true. But I’m not a critic anyway and all I wanted whenever I dine out is just to satisfy my cravings. So I headed there anyway.

Seafood was fresh and tastefully done. Calamari was soft and just melted in my mouth and gigantic lobster had the natural sweetness and just luscious. However, the shrimp and crab stuffing were just fine, somewhat forgettable. And at the end of meal, my stomach was satiated and my craving was quenched. Not bad at all. A pleasant seafood night, actually.

  • Hot Combo – popcorn shrimp, calamari and mini crabcakes

  • Oyster Po’boy

  • 1 ½ lb Whole Maine Lobster stuffed with crab meat

  • Outside

1816 North Halsted Street,
Chicago, IL
(312) 280-8990