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Tortang Talong

(Chicago) – This a simple and ever popular Filipino eggplant omelet. This dish could be simplified some more and just reduce the ingredients to eggplant, egg and oil. But I like my torta with some stuffing to make it heavier ...

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Talong at Corned Beef

(Chicago) – I never like ordering food or microwaving frozen stuffs for dinners. After a long day of hard and stressful work, all I want is a home-cooked meal to bring me back to sanity. But the primary enemy is time. There’s ...

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Tastefully Plated at Isla

(Chicago) – Thank God that there are a lot of things Filipino in Chicago. Not as many as in California or New York but Pinoy stuffs are totally accessible here. There are Pinoy stores, groups, restaurants and resource ...

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Lechon Tocinong Manok

(Chicago) – I was intending to make pork tocino but I didn’t realize that I used up the huge pork butt reserves for adobo the other week. But I’m still craving for that sweet, salty and garlicky flavor of tocino. All I have in my freezer is a whole...

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Veggie Galore: Chopsuey

(Chicago) – I eat vegetables but it's not usually my preference especially if there's a meat dish on the table. My doctor even reprimanded me for doing high protein diet ...

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Monggo = Mung Bean

Monggo is a very popular bean in the Philippines. It’s versatile – commonly used in savory dishes and some in desserts. There’s monggo guisado which I adore...

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Pinoys, Buffets, Todai

(Chicago) - Given a choice between 2 restaurants serving same the type of food and with prices in the same range but one is buffet and the other is not, I know for a...

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Purple Wonder: Ube Ice Cream

(Chicago) – What food is more appropriate for summer than ice cream? It's just made for the season. Init ng panahon, lamig at sarap sa bibig - just complimenting...

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Andersonville Midsommarfest

(Chicago) - Summer is festival season in Chicago. Almost every week there's street fair or neighborhood festival going in some corner in the city. Where there is ...

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Happy Fourth!

(Chicago) - It's the time of the year again for grilling. I hosted a party last night to celebrate 4th of July and instead of servings slabs of steak and ribs, I thought of

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