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Lamon at Patio Filipino

My San Francisco friends brought us to Patio Filipino during my last visit there. The food is outstanding, according to my standard at least. Actually, my standard is pretty simple – if a dish can make me eat more than 2 cups of rice, then it passes my taste standard.

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Unveiling Coron, Palawan

(Coron, Palawan, Philippines) - I am a born skeptic. When people say that this place is beautiful or that restaurant serves great food, I normally do not buy it, particularly if the person’s taste does not have that many entries in my ...

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“Food is Love” Contest

It's February. Love is in the air. Are you starting to feel it? Kung hindi pa, maski may date man o wala, let's celebrate love by sharing our love thoughts. What special dish/food makes you think of love and why?

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Till Next Holiday Season

The holiday is over, sad to say. But we’re glad to hear amazing food stories and photos from our readers and friends. Check out some of the photos shared by our friends in’s event last Christmas.

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Pork Sinigang

One of our avid readers sharing her quick and easy sinigang rendition...

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Fisherman’s Wharf

Strolling in San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf where the freshest seafood such as crabs, clams, lobsters, oyster and many more are abundant

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Chicken Sopas

This is a typical Filipino pasta/noodle soup that is inexpensive, highly nutritious and a complete meal in itself- it has protein, starch and vegetable all in one dish.

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Beef Caldereta

Filipino beef tomato-based stew with liver spread. Sarap!

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Lafang in the Land of Oz – Day 3

Qwekqwek's ever loyal contributor (and ultimate "lagalag"), Dudut, and chef hubby, Vergel, share their food escapade in Australia. They're just trying to make us drool... Fine! (Terms: "lafang" is a Filipino slang for eating voraciously and "lagalag" means wanderer/constantly travelling)

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Tokwa’t Baboy (Tofu/Pork Mash Up)

Tokwa means tofu while baboy means pork in Filipino. This is a simple mash up of boiled pork parts such as belly and ears and fried tofu soaked in soy-vinegar sauce.

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