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Pambansang Sabaw: Sinigang

(Chicago) – If the title sounds Greek to you, actually, it is Filipino and it means, the national stew is sinigang which is a dish meat and vegetables stewed in a sour broth...

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Pata Estofado

(Chicago) - The abundance of skin, fats and soft tissues in pig’s trotters/feet or simply called, ”pata”, in Filipino, makes me love this part of the pig. Given enough time to cook...

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Monggo Guisado

(Chicago) - Guisadong Monggo is one of my favorite Filipino dishes. It’s not expensive to make and highly nutritious. You can omit or limit the pork and bagoong if you have dietary constraints...

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(Chicago) -  Embutido is a Filipino meat loaf. It is meat mixture formed in a foot-long log, wrapped in foil, steamed and served in slices. Some cook it twice by pan frying the embutido slices to gain some color and Read more

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Hot and Spicy Bicol Express

(Chicago) – Pork belly and coconut milk? This combination is a no-brainer –one of my all-time favorite Pinoy dishes . The spiciness and creaminess of this dish make it perfect with rice. And any dish that makes me eat humongous Read more

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The Spanish in Us: Pork Afritada

(Chicago) – There’s always something Spanish in every Filipino. It is evident in the last names of most of us, in skin color of a few, in religious belief of the majority, in facial structure, in politics, in public festivities, Read more

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Pinoy Menudo

(Chicago) -  One of the major (major! ) effects of food blogging to me is that my appreciation of Filipino food has grown significantly. How many times I denounced my homeland cuisine whenever I was asked if Filipino food was Read more

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Tocino, Less the Cancer

(Chicago) -  We, Pinoys, love our tocino.  I am personally addicted to this especially if it comes with a mound of fried rice and over-easy eggs. For the uninitiated, tocino is a highly sweet cured meat, either pork or chicken, Read more

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Thai Minced Pork with Basil (Baby Craving Chronicle #7)

(Singapore) – During Vergel’s short stint as a cook in a famous Thai restaurant here in Singapore, he learned to cook most of the signature Thai dishes that they were serving. I was never a fan of Thai food, but Read more

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Plain Jane Grilled Pork

(Chicago) – Simplicity is beauty. As cliché as it may sound, I truly believe this saying. Over-adornment of anything: be it physical, house or clothing, can obstruct the real beauty of the object. And this does not only apply to Read more

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