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Bistek Americana

(Los Angeles) – Being married to a Caucasian American for quite a while now and to be able to satisfy both our taste buds, I have come up with a recipe of the American-style Bistek. This is the result of Read more

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Re-inventing Laing

(Chicago) – Many years ago, I participated in a mission trip, organized by my church in Manila, to a province in the Bicol region which is eastern part of the Philippines. I was so young then that I couldn’t remember the details Read more

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Star Adobo

(Chicago) – Monday: pork adobo; Tuesday: chicken adobo; Wednesday: vegetable adobo; Thursday: fish adobo; Friday: school cafeteria lunch.  I am not exaggerating.  This was my typical weekly lunch pack menu that my lola prepared for me when I was in Read more

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Pork Steak (Baby Craving Chronicle #1)

(Singapore) – Ever since I learned that my husband – Chef Vergel – and I are having our first baby, I started to have all the food cravings on my first trimester.  I must admit that I am lucky enough Read more

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The Way We 'Sisig' …

(Singapore)  – Every once in a while (if not all the time), people like us working overseas, far away from home, and from home cooked delights, crave for dishes that are familiar to our taste buds.  One glorious day, our Read more

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Sinigang con Limón

(Chicago) -  Every now and then, I crave for Filipino food.  The first thing that usually comes to my mind is sinigang especially when it gets really cold here in Chicago. Sinigang is Philippines version of sour soup. Tamarind is the Read more

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