Monggo is a very popular bean in the Philippines.  It’s versatile – commonly used in savory dishes and some in desserts.  There’s monggo guisado which I adore especially with pata or lechon kawali. I could eat 5 cups of rice with this.  Check out my previous post of monggo guisado.

This bean is also popular in soups. I know some people tried to be creative with it and made patties out of it. Nice! The other typical use of monggo is ginataang monggo (in coconut cream).  Yum! I remember the old lady across the school selling warm and sweet ginataang monggo and sticky rice. Delicioso! Having it almost every day after school, it surely made me a plumpy kid.

If Mediterranean cuisine has lentil, we have monggo.  It’s hearty and healthy.  Above all, Pinoy na Pinoy!