(New Orleans) –  Actually, I came here for the bread pudding. But we were 45 minutes early before they served the first batch of their freshly baked pudding that most food bloggers I talked to rave about. Well, I had a flight to catch so I had to make the most of my visit and enjoy whatever else Mother’s has in store for me.

We got the usual brunch fares and my Monday morning brightened up. Food is nothing fancy, just straight-forward home cooked meal. I wish I had more time and a second stomach so I could try Mother’s fried chicken and of course, the bread pudding.  But I’m not too worried, because I know I will be going back soon.

  • Famous Ferdi Special – Mother’s best baked ham, roast beef, debris and gravy

  • Mae’s Omelet – black ham, green onion, mushrooms and grits


401 Poydras Street
New Orleans, LA 70130-3207
(504) 523-9656