(Chicago) –  Whenever I crave for Asian barbeque, there is no other place to go in Chicago but Sun Wah. I’m fortunate enough to live nearby the restaurant so visiting is not a problem. What’s painful most of the time is the wait. To get a table during peak hours could mean a wait longer than 1 hour. But that’s a good affirmation that the food is good, well, very good. Actually I like the waiting part, especially if I’m having a bottle of Tsingtao while chatting with friends.

What I like with Asian barbeque at Sun Wah is that the meat is not overpowered by the sauce or basting. If I get Peking duck, I can really taste the duck and not get confused if it’s chicken or what. If I order pork, I’d expect a porky taste on every bite. I like my meat to taste like its source. That’s a sign of a good food to me, when the main ingredients are respected and highlighted.

  • Uncle in chopping action. His hand are so quick! I was afraid he could cut his fingers.

  • They have seafood roast too. That gigantic squid was glowing and beautiful.

  • The real deal!  Full roasted pork. Isn’t that a thing of beauty?!

  • Mixed plate: roast chicken, roast duck, bbq pork

  • Young chow! I love this fried rice since I was a kid. Fried rice with minced chicken, bbq pork, shrimp and vegetables

  • beef stew including tendon and tripe.

  • Roast pork. The crunch, the juice and the fats! All goodness!

  • Some lady showing off her Peking duck trimming skills.

5039 North Broadway Street
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 769-1254