(Singapore) – My all-time favorite flatmates back in 2006 introduced me to a Japanese buffet restaurant at Suntec City Mall when I was still a newbie in the Singapore world of multi-cultural cuisines.  4 years later, here I am, going back to indulge in a variety of an all-Japanese buffet spread.  The sushi is nice and well crafted, not like the others that I have tried where the rice easily falls off when you pick it up with your chopsticks!  My ever favorite is of course – California Maki!

Tempura is also endless and tasty, not too salty.  The Teppanyaki stall is also good, I tried beef and salmon.  There are some colorful clips on your table and you just leave it at the corresponding teppanyaki display dish you want and they will cook it fresh and serve it at your table, no need to wait.  They also have a fair enough ramen selection.  To cap the filling meal is the dessert area, and I must admit, they have a lot of choices!  From mochi, japanese green tea+melon soft ice cream which is superb, a chocolate fountain, fruits, lots of cakes and free-flowing softdrinks, Twinings tea, coffee and a whole lot more!

A bit of a downside though, I am not sure whether the Kuishin-Bo meals I had 4 years ago was better than the one I had now.  Is it because my taste buds somehow evolved a fair bit after visiting a lot of Japanese restaurants?  Or is it a decline in quality or standard for Kuishin-Bo?  Just a thought, but still worth a try!

Tip: The place is usually packed especially on weekends so if you’re coming in as a huge group, better place a reservation.  Also on working days, you can opt to try their 60-min lunch which is cheaper than the normal price.

3 Temasek Boulevard
#03-002 Suntec City Tower 1

Weekend Buffet Lunch – $32.90 + 10% Service Charge + 7% GST

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