(Lucban, Quezon, Philippines) – Apart from the Pahiyas Festival, Lucban is well-known for its cheap yet scrumptious selection of food places. I could no longer count the number of times I visited Lucban but I make it a point to vi

sit Chef Janjie’s LK Resto. They offer a wide variety of Asian cuisine including Filipino. The price points are fairly reasonable at around PhP 40 to PhP 150 depending on serving size and sharing. While Pahiyas happened outside, we occasionally ordered from the LK Resto from breakfast to dinner. Here’s a few of their offerings that I have eaten with total food lust.

“Their crispy pata is to die for. Well, the dish is hard to botch but they couple it with an amazingly delicious sawsawan.”

“There are good redundancies and one of them is ordering crispy pata then patatim.”

“This is one of my favorites from LK Resto. Minced pork with eggplant. Yum!”

“Apart from the good-tasting food, Chef Janjie infuses it with gourmet presentation. You’ll never guess what this is: beef pares.”

“Hainanese Chicken Rice”

“Stir-fried vegetables chopsuey. Perfect to match with something fried like the crispy pata or fried chicken.”

“Pancit bihon has been a staple mirienda of Filipinos and they also serve it in LK Resto.”

Those are just a few of the delicious food that the LK Resto serves. Lucban is a pretty small town and arriving there and asking anyone where things are should not be difficult. Right after we ate, we headed back out to the street party and concert. It happened simultaneously

with the Pahiyas Festival.

“The Blackout Mobile Bar right outside of the LK Resto. They mostly serve local brews.”

“Don’t you wanna just drink them all?”

“Looking happy after having a few rounds.”

“Ready. Set. Go! It’s how you drink it with friends.”

“They were serving pitchers. Just name your cocktail of choice.”

“Apart from the concert, I think this is one of the most fun happenings in Pahiyas. When Blackout Mobile Bar sampled their liquors through limbo rock game while the band played their party music.”

“Happy people. Thanks to Blackout.”

“There were also fire dancers who graced us with their performance.”

“Lucbanons really know how to party and celebrate Pahiyas. Just look at those happy faces.”

I thought Pahiyas ends with the beautifully decorated houses but apparently, Lucban in its fiesta mode offers a whole lot more. From the reasonably-priced gourmet offerings of LK Resto to the concerts that last from afternoon to the wee hours to the street parties. See you all on the next one!