(Nagsasa Cove, Zambales, Philippines) – The municipality of San Antonio, Zambales is home to several beautiful coves. The most famous of them all is Anawangin Cove as people who have visited all deemed it the most beautifu

l and the easiest to reach. The coves of San Antonio are devoid of electricity and urban development due to their geographical location: all of them are bounded by great mountain ranges in the east and by the South China Sea in the west.

“A view of the Pundaquit shore with the mountain range in the background. On the other side is Anawangin Cove.”

Last weekend, I visited Nagsasa Cove which is a good 45-minute boat ride from the town of Pundaquit. The boat ride involves a southbound parallel traversal of the rocky shore of Luzon. You will pass by Anawangin and Talisayin coves on your way to Nagsasa. There is barely any shore along the way but rather just a long range of what I would just describe as a place where the foot of a mountain range suddenly meets the sea. It is a rare yet interesting sight.

“Nagsasa’s shore”

“In the east is a far mountain range preceded by an estuary. Along the body of water are oddly-placed conifers by the beach.”

“You may bring a fishing rod and try your luck in this estuary.”

“The clean and beautiful beach of Nagsasa Cove”

“Nagsasa is far from civilization so building a tent is required if you intend to stay overnight.”

I went to Nagsasa with Sikretong Tourista: a travel group spearheaded by Chef Dundee. They offer Nagsasa and Anawangin as their main destinations. Apart from the beautiful places they go to, Chef Dundee can cook great tasting courses that are highly customizable upon the request of guests.

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