We started our 3rd day with an Arab feast for brunch prepared by hubby. He cooked hummus, baba ghanoush (or baba ganush or baba ghannouj or baba ghannoug), kofta balls and tomato salsa. Winner talaga magluto ng Arab food si Vergel! We couldn’t deny it in our faces, all we could say was “Mmmm ang sarap!” sabay subo ng kofta balls na sinawsaw sa baba ghanoush. In fairness, he has already perfected these Arab dishes, which I will share the recipes with you later.

We toured the city again in the afternoon. We searched for Jamie Oliver’s restaurant called Fifteen, but couldn’t find it. We almost gave up on our search, but thank God for the internet, we found out that the resto’s name’s been changed to The Kitchen Cat. And so we went all the way to Collins st. just to get a taste of one of V’s idols’ menu. We checked out the menu at the entrance, but found it expensive with meals from AUD 25-35. So nagmuni-muni muna kami kung tutuloy ba kami, and finally, we’d decided to order for the 2 cheapest appetizers and the cheapest entrée and share the bill among the 3 of us. V was so excited he rushed inside the resto, parang si The Flash lang. I was only 2 steps going down the stairs (my foot was killing me, pinanindigan kasi ang boots), pabalik na si V with his puppy dog eyes and slumped shoulders, coz the waitress told him they’ll only open in an hour pa! So he just took photos of the place, masabi lang na nakatapak sya sa loob ng restaurant ni Jamie Oliver. If you wanna check out their food, here’s their address — Basement 115-117 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.

We headed to Crowne Plaza for dinner. We just had the usuals at Bistro Bar – seafood platter, potato wedges, pork ribs and carbonara. The meals cost AUD 15-25 per meal. Food was okay, nothing special.

Our friends brought us to the best dessert place in Melbourne, Brunetti near Lygon st. Actually, for me it’s the best dessert place I’ve ever been to. Promise, walang exagg. We even had to wait for 20 minutes to be seated, pinipilahan talaga, so malamang masarap talaga. My friends said that it’s always like that in Brunetti, but it’s totally worth the wait. Finally, we got our seats and our friend ordered macarons, trio mousse and chocolate cake. I’m not a fan of sweets, but their macarons were foodgasmic! Napakasaraaaap!!! And their drinks were equally rich, creamy and yummy. I didn’t see the menu prices coz it was all ordered and paid for by our friend. But I saw in the internet that the meals are below AUD 15 each. Napakamura nito para sa kaligayang ibibigay nito sayo. You should definitely visit this place — 204 Faraday St. Carlton, 3053.