(Mandaluyong, Philippines) – Delicious. Gourmet. Inexpensive? I bet you did not see that third word coming in a progression of adjectives to describe a certain restaurant. When my friend, Julie, showed me Kanto’s Facebook page, I could not believe my eyes because the food in the pictures looks awesomely high-end yet the name of the place promises affordability.

So right after work, we headed down to an unfamiliar place in Mandaluyong, got lost a little but eventually got to our destination: Kanto.

“Tempura Spanish sardines priced at PhP 90. It tastes as good as it looks.”

Kanto in Filipino slang means the corner of two streets where normally a sari-sari store or an eatery is usually situated. Ironically, Kanto is not in a corner but near one. It is by the sidewalk though which definitely gives you the feeling of being at the kanto.

“Tubero adverts on the post. How much more Kanto can that get?”

The restaurant serves “freestyle gourmet breakfast” and they not only serve traditional Filipino breakfast like tapsilog, tocilog etc., they also serve western ones like French toasts, pancakes, waffles and many more.

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