Tita, as the youngest of three daughters, is condemned by family tradition never to marry, but to spend her life caring for her mother. However, Tita has fallen in love with a young man and he with her. When Tita's mother refuses to let them wed, and suggests that he marry her other daughter instead, Tita takes revenge: by allowing h

er passions to surface through her cooking, she manipulates the emotions of all who eat her food — with some very strange and magical results. (excerpt from rottentomatoes.com)

I have seen this movie years back and I really loved it then.  After watching it again recently, I appreciated the movie more.  The framework of this movie is food; it is the force that drives people's action, emotions and decision. Food is intertwined with life.  The combination of the real with the supernatural illustrates clearly the impact of food to ones being.  Food is magical.