(Chicago) – I never like ordering food or microwaving frozen stuffs for dinners. After a long day of hard and stressful work, all I want is a home-cooked meal to bring me back to sanity. But the primary enemy is time.  There’s not enough time to cook. And most of Filipino foods take about an hour to prepare and cook. In the first place, I’m freaking exhausted already so I’d have to think of something quick, easy and yet still taste special.

Pritong talong (eggplant) and corned beef are always my quickie Pinoy food favorite. These always bring me back to my childhood in Manila where corned beef and talong were my lola’s bestfriends whenever she was running out of time to make dinner.

Just slice the eggplant diagonally and pan fry over medium heat for a couple of minutes on each side. That easy! Mix soy sauce and calamansi or lemon juice together (1:1 proportion) and you have a perfect sauce to soak the fried talong. Kung may bagoong, mas panalo.

For the corned beef, give it some kick. Open the can, re-heat on small pan on medium and sprinkle one teaspoon of chili flakes. All done.

With hot rice and chilled wine, my dinner was made even better. Very simple, very delicious and very Pinoy. 🙂