(Atlanta) – I’m a carnivore. I love meat beyond explanation. At one point, I got into a heated brawl in a Brazilian restaurant in New York when they refused to serve me lamb shank. I take my meat seriously. Get it?!  🙂

In my younger days in Manila, I grew up being fed with all kinds of meat stews and barbeque from pork, chicken, goat, beef, lamb, horse and at one instant, dog meat, unknowingly. Don’t hate me. It’s not my choice and it’s a cultural thing. In short, where there is an abundant supply of meat, I will be at home.

In Atlanta stands a rundown-looking joint where you will find the super tender, juiciest and finger-licking delicious rib tips ever.  Amazingly good! The next best thing about this place, it’s inexpensive. A plateful of barbeque can feed 2 people or perhaps more, if you pretend to be a supermodel. It feels great finding outstanding food in unlikely places. I can’t help but love Daddy D’z.

  • Rib Tips and Chicken Combo – with coleslaw and Texas toast

  • Sampler Plate – 6 Que wraps, 2 ribs, beef , pork, corn bread



264 Memorial Drive Southeast
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 222-0206